Tue 17 Jul 23:14
           11.12 xxxxxxx » yyyyyy: what is the origin of your nick?
           11.13  yyyyyy » My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It's the name of one of the ponies.
           11.13 xxxxxxx » yyyyyy: yes, i know that
           11.13 xxxxxxx » yyyyyy: i like mlp too
           11.19  capuno » My daughter used to watch my little pony
           11.20  capuno » I didn't understand the show
           11.20 xxxxxxx » capuno: how old is she?
           11.20  capuno » 10
           11.20 xxxxxxx » ah
           11.20       | » xxxxxxx is 41
           11.21 xxxxxxx » and a male

The absolute state of freenode.
Tue 17 Jul 01:09 I highly believe the open source movement is an enemy to the libre software movement; some Freenode users wouldn't be this derailed and rotten like weev the midget.
Mon 2 Jul 07:28 Back at Barcelona earlier than expected.
Thu 8 Jun 02:12 I still didn't come back, but I can't stop thinking about microsoft purchasing github and the dirty tricks I thought I would never see in economics.
In politics you usually play dirty and cheat in the most dangerous moments, you start lies that will fuck you in the long term, you use the cards you saved for this moment, you start a sleeping pill or whatever.
I have not as much experience in biz as in politics, but I would never imagine both things were this close, I don't know why microsoft is playing its dirty cards now, it doesn't look like a really big purchase from them, but they are wasting every drop of blood they have to control a damage that doesn't seem too large from the outside, maybe it doesn't because they are doing a good job controlling it.

First, they started with the shills, whatever, they do that all the time, but then they started a very obvious damage control, they started crying saying "we changed" "we are different from 10-years-ago microsoft", it was funny, but too pathetic, like if they wanted to look more human, like if microsoft wasn't a company but a fucking NGO like facebook tried some months ago, and then they started with the SEO garbage, the moving to gitlab trend blocked from showing, the azure servers gitlab uses weirdly breaking (they are moving to google anyways), that's a dirty trick, but why would they play dirty so soon, it didn't look like gitlab could be a problem, well, it was, the popularity of gitlab went up at a 25% of github peek at least from google trends, and most of the github explosion was from biz online media, not developers, and then the fucking shills exploded, it was like a fucking army, they made it very fast because in the first moments all of them started to say the exact same and then newer posts over time.

The weirdest thing was linuxfoundation.org talking about how microsoft is so nice and will make github great again, a site that calls Linux an operative system, with more trademarks than fucking pokemon, twitter facebook youtube google+ and fucking linkedin pages and the only place I see the Linus T. name is in the "Linux" trademark. It smells like sleeping pill shill from planets away.

Maybe I didn't sleep enough, maybe I'm working too much in other things, but damn this is so weird, why is github so imortant for microsoft, 7,5 fucking billion dollars in shares, using dirty tricks I would never think they would use for such a little thing, NGO strategy like facebook tried and failed (at least in Europe), what the fuck are they planning to do.

Whatever they tell you, a company is made to produce wealth, they do not care about open source, even most of NGOs are made only to produce wealth, the only way to combat this is with competition, more oportunities for SMEs, less for monopolies.
3 planck times ago Monday I will travel to somewhere for a lot of time so this page won't be updated probably for some months. I will still use my email c at capuno.cat.
Later nerds!

Please click this button so when I come back and I see someone clicked this button I won't feel alone.

So sad I have to log in back, away from home, but do not ever use Github again, I'm starting to move all my shit to Gitlab with the little free time I have here.
- Wed 6 Jun 14:20 (CST)
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