Wed 13 Dec 14:31

I donated blood today for the first time, I feel good but I almost fainted in my way home.

Sat 11 Nov 23:18

There was tons of people, it was amazing, I got tons of videos and pics too.
Anyways not related but what's wrong with ffmpeg converting from mp4 to webm jesus christ I know it's like / 60 it's size but still it looks horrible, and the terminal was full of warnings like "Past duration 0.828987 too large". Wtf does that even mean ffmpeg.

Wed 8 Nov 07:06

The local ANC organized a manifestation early today, I wanted to go but I feel so sick, I don't even know if I will go today to the big one today.
I hope I get better for the Saturday 11th one.

Mon 6 Nov 10:11

I can't wait for the Saturday manifestation. It's going to be big.

Fri 3 Nov 09:30

So I made an imageboard because some people were doing a strike in the Racó Català because the spaniard trolls in there, and a spaniard troll was the first one to make a post in there... great.
The board

Fri 3 Nov 09:30


They started fucking with us on social medias, telling our wives and sisters will get pregnant because they were invading us, telling our democratic politics #Hablámos with a picture with them with guns in uniform.
10 Political prisoners. 7 pacific years.
The only thing they want is to make Terra Lliure wake up and kill a lot of spanish cops so now they can justify sending the army, it's not gonna happen.

Mon 30 Oct 07:23

Catalan Republic

October 1st was a big day, Catalonia voted, and we voted to be free, October 27th, the day of independence, international recognition will arrive, the matter is when, I hope the first one arrives at the start of 2018.
Unionists continue making agressive manifestations, how can the normal people, independents or only democrats and republicans, fight this? For now, as Jordi Sànchez said, we need to be pacific. 7 years full of pacific manifestations, they, the monarch puppets, want us to fight back. Why? because the international community has no excuses now for their behavior, they want excuses, how can they explain the stupid actions they are making now to their citizens? Tell them the truth? that they preffer the imperium before the populus? I mean if you still want the power to steal from your people, you have to talk with nice words, sounds better to say that you don't recognize a group of nationalists than the people from a nation.
Mon 30 Oct 07:15 The organization of this section will be like a blog updating organization, so newer posts will be on top, I forgot the date entries for the 2 post below but they are like 1 or 2 months old.
WORK IN PROGRESS: I don't know what to do in this page, I just wanted to add 3 big links in the div#tr part in the main site, I think I'll upload videos and personal stories but I don't really have something in mind.

Hike in the mountain

Boring path, amazing views.