Tue 25 Sep 14:31 :(
Thu 6 Sep 12:13 ft.com/content/8e96d1ae-ab83-11e8-94bd-cba20d67390c
This is a very interesting article, but if you are white and look like you have money in China you get followed by old people, the red guard generation. She obviously did not notice this because she looks chinese to them, which is not bad, but nationalism in China exists, unlike the article tries to say.
Mon 27 Aug 16:14 If one day I am in control of the earth and I decide who lives and who dies, everyone in this thread will fucking die.
Mon 27 Aug 10:28 A spaniard infrahuman hits another spaniard infrahuman woman because he thought she was Catalan and was placing yellow ribbons instead of taking them, and the collective of spaniard infrahumans blames the sovereigns and tell the spaniard sheep a sovereign man tried to kill a poor woman that was deffending the spanish nation.
Fri 24 Aug 00:38 My e-mail address from this server is marked as spam in microsoft products haha, those employees I insulted are very mad at me they banned me from every microsoft product they could (github was the only one), added me to every blacklist possible in their hands and in spam lists for their outlook servers.
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