Wed 14 Mar 07:31 RIP Stephen Hawking
Fri 9 Mar 20:44

Are you okay, Angel? :)

It looks like you're having some kind of problems from here.
Lleida is sad because of you, now you're sad because of Lleida, sick bro. You helped them steal our sixena art, you helped with the 155, and now you're asking why the people in there hate you? and you FUCKING PUNCH THEM LOL???
Why in the hell would you punch the people you're supposed to lead?, this is outrageous, how are you even in politics, cunt.
>huh, eh, it wasn't me it was my friend he is the cabinet chief I din du nuffin
bullshit you told him

Thu 8 Mar 07:59

I don't really see the point in this strike of today, but whatever who cares, here is another pic of my cat without the sun flare.
Do you see that ear? That is what I was talking about.

Wed 7 Mar 11:07

Nothing to do today but to take pics of my new cat, Upu. His last owner was an old lady who couldn't take care of him, he got a fucked up ear he didn't have last time I had him like, I don't know, maybe 6 years ago. Long time no see, friend.

Wed 28 Feb 06:28
Tutorial simple per fer una carta.

Amb aquest simple tutorial podràs fer cartes i enviar-les a qualsevol persona que vulguis!
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